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        At Billy’s we are not your average café…

        Since we opened our doors in 2007, we have been obsessed with making Billy’s Bar Espresso the place you want to visit every day.

        There’s nothing overly-styled or designed. We’re not trying to be something we’re not. We’re just a casual home away from home. We’re well known in the Maroubra community to be here for you with fresh nourishing food, a hot cup of coffee as well as a laugh and a bit of banter if you’re up for it.

        We have always foregrounded the intention of building a café to serve the local community. Regardless if you’re picking up a take away on the run to work, a business lunch meeting or a relaxed family weekend brunch, we are dedicated to making it a great experience that lingers long after you’ve left us for the day.

        We exist to focus on you and what you want. Thank you for helping us help you.


        Billy loves coffee. A lot. He drinks it multiple times a day - he’s annoyingly fussy…

        Although, he realizes that the way he likes his coffee could be completely different for you.

        That’s why we want you to be bossy with what you want. Yes, really. Please tell us how you like it so we can make it perfectly for you. Strong, nutty, creamy, extra froth, drink-me-now temperature… you tell us, we’ll make it.

        Our dedicated baristas take their job very seriously. They’re here from the early hours of the morning brewing hundreds of coffees a day to help you and the community power through the day.

        No matter what you have in store for your day, please savour the moment as you take your first sip. Take a moment out of your schedule to enjoy the hug in a mug as you inhale the lingering aroma of the freshly ground beans. Know that from that moment forward that you have the strength to take on whatever challenges the day throws at you.

        We are lucky to have our own unique coffee blend, The Maroubra Blend - made exclusively for Billy’s Bar Espresso by Paradox Coffee Roasters. It is sensational. Come in and try it for yourself!


        Bring Billy home!